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Faculty/Academic Teaching and Staff Participation Options:

● Offer a CBR course focusing on documenting Latinx history

● Conduct interviews and collect archives independently

● Submit recorded interviews from related independent research

● Offer an independent study opportunity

● Assist in recruiting or identifying new researchers

● Offer community training for oral history interviews and archive collecting

● Assist in administrative work 

● Assist in grant writing and fundraising activities


Student Participation Options:

● Enroll in CBR course

● Enroll in independent study course

● Volunteer to conduct interviews and/or collect archives

● Volunteer to be an administrative assistant

● Conduct regional background research

● Assist in processing interviews for submission to WHS

Community Researcher Participation Options:

● Conduct oral history interviews on agreed upon topic

● Seek and obtain archival materials on agreed upon topic

● Assist in recruiting new community researchers

● Assist in administrative duties

We rely on community support and participation. If you would like to make a financial contribution to the WLHC or get involved with research please contact us at

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