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WLHC Core Members

Andrea -Teresa “Tess” Arenas.png
Andrea -Teresa “Tess” Arenas

Professor Emeritus of Chican@ and Latin@ Studies at UW-Madison,

Founder of WLHC

PHOTO WIX_edited.jpg
Anjuli Brekke

Assistant Professor of Communication at UW-Parkside

Elena Casey

Assistant Professor of Languages and Latin American and Latinx Studies at UW-Eau Claire

Yesenia Cervera.png
Yesenia Cervera

Assistant Professor of Race and Ethnic Studies at UW-Whitewater

Sergio González.png
Sergio González

Assistant professor of History and Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at Marquette University

Armando Ibarra.png
Armando Ibarra

Professor, School for Workers and Chican@ & Latin@ Studies at UW-Madison

Cheryl Jiménez Frei.png
Cheryl Jiménez Frei

Assistant Professor of History, co-director of the Public History Program, Affiliated faculty in the Latin American and Latinx Studies Program at UW-Eau Claire

Almita A. Miranda.png
Almita A. Miranda

Assistant Professor of Geography and Chican@ and Latin@ Studies at UW-Madison 

Marla Ramírez.png
Marla Ramírez

Assistant Professor of History and Chican@ & Latin@ Studies at


Diego Román.png
Diego Román

Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction at UW-Madison

Project Partners

Wisconsin Historical Society (WHS)

Paul Hedges & Daniel Hartwig

UW-Madison, Chican@ & Latin@ Studies Program (CLSP)

Ruben Medina & Pete Haney

UW-Madison, Oral History Program (UWOHP)

Troy Reeves

UW-Madison Cartography Lab (CartLab)

Robert Roth

Chicana por mi Raza (CPMR)

Maria Cotera & Linda Garcia Merchant

Morgridge Center for Public Service (Morgridge)

Student Contributors
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